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Vedic Art International Teacher Seminar - Stockholm

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Vedic Art International Teacher Seminar - Stockholm
Vedic Art International Teacher Seminar - Stockholm

Tid og sted

09. feb. 2019, 10:00 – 10. feb. 2019, 16:30

Medborgerskolan, Hagagatan 23A, 113 47 Stockholm, Sverige

Om eventen


International Teacher Seminar. Stockholm Sweden 9-10 February 2019

Inspiring meetings with Vedic Art teachers from around the world!


Johannes Källman The International Coordinator Vedic Art. Sharing experiences of the benefits of the Vedic Art method and giving advices how to support our students and giving amazing courses!

Ania Witwitzka representing Vedic Art Online. Ania tells how the “classroom” online works and how the online courses are organized.

Maryse Alen Vedic Arts coordinator of Netherlands and Belgium. Maryse tells her experinces of several years of fulltime mission supporting Vedic Art to expand in Netherlands, Belgium and now in Spain!

Varga Åskvigg Ancient Vedic tradition is Vargas topic. Veda is a great holistic tradition 7000 years old. The 17 Principles, included in Vedic Arts Method is coming from this ancient tradition.

Leo Selmerhagen The very big majority of the Vedic Art course participantes are women. Leos vision is to invite more men to join our community. He is a Vedic Art teacher organizing courses for male students only. Leo will share his stategies and open up for discussion how make men feel attracted to join Vedic Art!

Curts Källmans artwork Experience the artwork of the Founder of the method Curt Källman. Saturday night 17-19:00 at the Vedic Art Academy, Djursholm, close to Stockholm!

Please bring: notebook, pencils, drawingpad. If you like to paint: paintingbrushes and colours for small size painting.

The seminar time table.

Saturday 10-16:30

Sunday 10-16:30.

Investment course fee1 700 SEK

Adress Hagagatan 23 A, 11347 Stockholm. Close to the subway station of Odenplan.

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+46 709-684771

Welcome to the first Vedic Art International Teacher seminar!

Johannes Källman - Vedic Art International

Sara Olen, Yvonne Svensson and Karin Hedberg, the hosts of this event

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